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Calculate the service level based on available delivery methods, current cart, general and personal discounts, points and other business rules.

Pricing Engine

Adjust business rules for order delivery based on cart items, stock availability in different channels and warehouses, geographical areas, conditions and cost of delivery companies.

Pricing Engine aggregates data, calculates service level and provides information via API to all checkout forms you use - websites, mobile apps, internal systems.

If the customer changes the order before confirmation, the data will be recalculated according to the same rules.
Predictable conditions

Create flexible delivery options based on geo-data and logistics conditions.

Link stores and warehouses to regions, specific cities or random polygons - accurate customer coordinates are further cross-referenced with logistics companies' geo directories for correct address identification and right delivery method selection.
Use existing integrations, plug in new ones or create your own, SLAs, exchange orders and statuses are all automated, eliminating the need for logistics managers' manual work and occasional mistakes.

The Pricing Engine brings the terms and statuses of all logistics services into a single representation, which is used by your employees who process customer orders.
Integration with logistics operators
Stock proximity, regional restrictions, multiplicity of packs, transport conditions, goods dimensions - any parameters of the goods in the cart are considered when calculating the delivery conditions and the transport company to be selected.

Reduce professional skills requirements. Regular tasks requiring the involvement of highly skilled managers or logistic specialists are handled by the Pricing Engine via configurable business processes.
The goods
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