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Order life cycle management
Flexible configuration of the business process depending on the sales channel, payment/delivery method, purchase history, product availability
Setting up the cost and delivery terms depending on the region, product group, customer group
Everything you need to know about the order is available to operators in a simple and clear interface. Fast training, the ability to distribute tasks between several Call Center (especially vital at the peak sale). Built-in telephony, operational reports for the supervisor and the head of the CC.
Order filling and Delivery
Transfer of the task to your WMS or Vendor.

Integration with the leading fulfillment operators and courier companies.

Collecting metrics and setting up a response to deviations from the SLA.
Pickup from a retail store
Interface for order filling in the sales area (web and/or mobApp)

Control tasks of filling and unfilling the orders

Possibility to execute the order in other stores
Sustainable development
Control all KPIs of your service, make decisions, change or add vendors.

Up to the 300 business-process changes per year without development on account of the built-in process editor. Speed is your competitive advantage.
All Features of
Starfish OMS
Availability and service level management
Contact Center Interface

Supporting your customers throughout the entire order lifecycle :

Details and status notification
Processing the Returns
Escalation of problems

Fulfillment :

In-store Pickup
Collecting order
Shipment to the store
Ship from store to the customer
Transfer between stores
Distribution Centers
Availability and reservation of products

Starfish OMS provides the variety of order actions:

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