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Система управления заказами уровня enterprise для ритейлеров и e-commerce

Увеличивайте розничные продажи на 25%

за счет внедрения эталонных бизнес-процессов как у лидеров рынка розничной торговли

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OMS (Order Management System) is a class of solutions widely developed in the USA and Europe used in the IT-landscape of retailers along with CRM and CMS.

Starfish OMS is a master system for the retail orders and stores all the information about the order at any point in its life cycle.

The U.S. is expected to close 25% of shopping malls by 2022. There is no doubt that the retail industry and brands operate in a very challenging environment.
With the online penetration into offline commerce, investing in the «Ship from Store» model allows merchants to provide a scalable solution that can maximize the availability of their stock in stores.

What you get from
integration Starfish OMS
Starfish OMS allows you to manage the entire lifecycle of an order, control, distribute and build the logic for an order processing taking into account all the specifics of your business, providing customers with an excellent service, and business with flexibility and speed.
Is this another CRM?
Starfish OMS unlike CRM, is not a marketing tool, but an operational one. In this case, at some stages of an order fulfillment, you can use data or promo mechanics from your CRM to adjust the cost of goods or other attributes.
For retailers and distributors
1. New channels and sales scenarios :
Reserve in Store
Ship from Store
Ship to marketplaces: Goods, AliExpress, eBay, Amazon
2. Uniform rules of accessibility and level of service for all the sales channels
3. Service quality management for all the channels
4. Loyal customers
Click&Collect from marketplaces: Amazon, Goods, Wildberries
Speech by CEO of Starfish OMS Artyom Sporykhin at the sixth international business forum "Retail Week"

How to increase sales in
network retail?

For pure e-commerce
Call center robotization for the comfort of customers and your managers
Coverage management (automated selection of optimal courier services for the delivery to each region based on business rules and fresh statistics on the SLA of the companies themselves)
Interconnection with fulfillment centers: Lamoda, Marschroute, DSS
Expanding the sales funnel after the order is shipped by predicting deviations from the promises given to the customer
Support of the shipping from partners' warehouses
The ability to automate the work with merchants and build your own Marketplace
What are the new
sales scenarios ?
Reserve in Store the ability for customers to reserve goods of interest on the Internet for their subsequent receipt in a retail store.
Click & Collect the ability for customers to reserve goods of interest in the online stores and pick them up at the nearest offline retail stores.
Ship from Store — The ability for merchants to make physical store stocks available for online orders on their websites.
How to integrate Starfish OMS
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The practical experience of integrating Starfish OMS into the real businesses has allowed us to generalize cases and formalize the most suitable scenarios for different industries. Now we are ready to offer them as the standard solutions.
Ready-made solutions for
retail and E-commerсe
All solutions
Pricing of Starfish OMS integration
Simple Start
Individual tariff
from 500 $
Cloud compute
Technical support 24x7
Private cloud
Technical support 24x7
Dedicated manager
Custom integrations
Strong team
A team with the experience in launching online sales at the large retailers
Technologies for building the efficient business processes for omnichannel retails
We do not sell hours, integrations or refinements. Our success rate is the result in the form of a successful product
We implement our IT-solutions tested by the biggest retailers
We give financial guarantees in case of no result
3 levels of the IT-support, consultation and real assistance to your employees after launch, the development
Why Starfish OMS
Know How
Turnkey result
Learn how to provide the consumer with
a unique customer experience within 90 days
Check out all features of the Starfish24 product
General architecture of Starfish OMS solution
Microservices and open API :
State-of-the-art technology :
— The ability to create your own team of development and support
— Customer's Employee training
— Enterprise Standards and Technologies
— Easy integration and adaptation
— The term of a middle developer's immersion in the product will take no more than one month
Support of native services AWS
What is the difference between the Starfish OMS and CRM?
Starfish OMS unlike CRM, is not a marketing tool, but an operational one. In this case, at some stages of an order fulfillment, you can use data or promo mechanics from your CRM to adjust the cost of goods or other attributes.
How long does it take and for what price?
Starfish OMS supports a variety of sales and logistics scenarios. Some of them don't require integrations and configuration, they can be launched in a short time (up to a week) for free. Full implementation of OMS can take up to 3 months, depending on the speed of harmonization of business processes and integrations. The cost of implementation will depend on the amount of resources of our team and the urgency.
We have a very specific business process, is it possible to customize the logic with our tasks and implement non-standard integration?
The key difference between Starfish OMS is a flexible business process module that allows you to customize any business logic in BPMN 2.0 format. Integrations are implemented within individual microservices without changing the standard OMS API, which allows you to remove all restrictions on the supported communication protocols.
Is it possible to deploy the system not in the cloud but on our own servers?
Yes, it is possible with individual conditions, but not recommended. In the case of local deployment, the fault tolerance and scalability of the solution is lower than in the Cloud, and technical support becomes much more complicated.