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Sell everywhere,
wherever your buyers will be

Starfish24 combines orders from different platforms in a single interface, letting you customise your order management business process.

Orders from all sales channels are presented uniformly and in a single interface.

The multi-stage workflow is split up into specific tasks, which are shown to the responsible staff members - e-commerce managers, warehouse and in-store staff.

The interface is configured individually for each role and displays only the relevant information, reducing the chance of random errors. Nothing unnecessary.
User-friendly interface
Maintain two-way communication - consult and make orders from the social media and messengers your customers prefer.

Set up automated responses and customer service scripts, saving operators from routine tasks; create and edit orders; up-sell products and services; invoice or send payment links; provide post-sales support and marketing communications.
Genuine communication
The integrated contact centre provides high-quality communication via the browser - the operator needs a headset only.

Generate queue handling rules, record calls that are automatically linked to operators and orders. Operational reports allow you to track the performance of each employee.

Set arbitrary call statuses, automatic dialing and redial assignments - all events are stored in the order history.
Phone calls
from anywhere
Integrate to marketplaces via Starfish24 and run sales as if it were your own showcase.

We provide external data on goods, stocks and regional availability; we collate and synchronise statuses and track them at every stage of the order lifecycle, up to the moment the order is delivered to the customer.

Optimise your marketplace hosting model to reduce commissions, increase revenues and assortment width, with the control of all orders in a single place.
All customer data is gathered in one place - contact details, addresses, history and details of previous orders, communications, personal discounts and offers.

The customer profile opens automatically upon incoming request. All data is stored on the Starfish24 side and can be enriched with data from other systems - CDP, CRM, loyalty systems.
Know your customers
Истории наших
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